Saturday, June 30, 2018 - 10:00 AM

Mr. Gary Hudgens

10950 FM 438, Troy, Texas 76579

(Troy, TX is located 6 miles North of Temple, TX or

30 miles South of Waco, TX on I-35)

Directions: From Troy, Texas go East on FM 935 for 6 miles to FM 438

                    (Belfalls Community). Turn Right on FM 438 to Hudgens Grain and
                    Auction Site.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Mr. Gary Hudgens is a long-time farmer and an IHC-Farmall Antique

                                             Tractor collector. He has decided to offer others the opportunity to

                                             own and enjoy his antique tractor collection. Mr. Hudgens has

                                             commissioned Bob Mitchell Auctioneers, Inc. of Terrell, TX to sell his

                                             collection at Public Auction. Years and Models are thought to be

                                             correct but are not guaranteed.

To bid online, you must register at
prior to Auction date.

ANTIQUE TRACTORS (in no particular order)

1- 1969 Farmall 1256 All-Wheel Drive, 12.4-24 Front Tires, 18.4-38 Rear Tires, Dual Hydraulic Remotes,
     3pt Hitch, No TA, Showing Only 4,366 Hours, S/N 10995

1- Farmall 856 Turbo, Fenders, 18.4-38 Rear Tires, 11L-15 Front Tires, 540-1000 P.T.O.,
     3pt Dual Hydraulic Remotes, No TA, S/N 17267

1- 1958 Farmall 660 Wheatland, Diesel, Power-Steering, Hydraulic Remote, 540 P.T.O., S/N 5648S-Y

1- 1954 Farmall Super M-TA, Torque Amplifier, Power-Steering, P.T.O., Tricycle, S/N 72766

2- 1954 Farmall Super M-TA, Power-Steering, Wide Fronts, 3pt Hitch, P.T.O., Shop-Built Cab,

     S/N 60211, S/N 80904

1- 1950 Farmall M, Single Wheel Front, P.T.O., S/N 258635

1- 1955 Farmall B-450 England Built, Wide Front, Power-Steering, Rear Fenders, Hitch Ready,

     P.T.O., S/N 3677

1- 1953 Farmall Super H, Tricycle Front, Live Lift, S/N 19607

1- 1950 Farmall M, Tricycle Front, Live Lift

1- 1950 Farmall H, Tricycle Front, Tokheim Cab, Rear Fenders with #7 FM Bedder, S/N 376740

1- 1951 McCormick Deering 06 Orchard, P.T.O., S/N 15536W

1- 1953 Farmall Super WD-9 Standard, Diesel, Wide Front, Hydraulic Remote,

     Showing 4,980 Hours, S/N 785-J

1- 1950 Farmall ID9, Industrial, Wide Front, 14.00-32 Duals, P.T.O., S/N IDCB30664Y14

1- 1939 McCormick Deering W-40, Wide Front, S/N C-9629

1- 1936 McCormick Deering W-40, Wide Front P.T.O., S/N C-9507 PT

1- 1928 McCormick Deering 1530, Hand-Crank, Wide Front, Wheatland

1- 1938 Farmall F-20, Narrow Tread, Tricycle Front, Shutters, S/N FA126518NR

1- 1950 Farmall W-6 Wheatland, P.T.O., S/N 37119W

1- 1930 Farmall Regular, Narrow, Tricycle Front on Steel Wheels, S/N 1261010N

1- 1934 Farmall F-30 Narrow, on Steel, Wide Front, Fenders, S/N FB8353N

1- 1939 Farmall F-30 Narrow, Tricycle Front, Fenders, S/N FB29747N

1- 1935 Farmall F-20 Narrow, Wide Front, on Steel, Fenders, S/N FA32790NW

1- 1938 Farmall F-20, Tricycle Front, SN FA 132975

1- 1938 Farmall F-30, Tricycle Front, Belt Pulley, S/N FB23415

1- 1955 Farmall 200, Tricycle, Fenders, S/N 10056J

1- 1939 Farmall M, Wide Front, Tokheim Cab, Belt Pulley, S/N 4635

1- 1936 McCormick Deering I-12 Industrial, Wide Front, S/N IS1147

1- 1939 Farmall B, Wide Front, Belt Pulley, S/N N/A

1- 1939 Farmall F-20, Wide Front, Belt Pulley, S/N FA145184

1- 1939 Farmall H, Tricycle, Belt Pulley, Fenders, P.T.O., S/N FBH5187

1- 1940 Farmall B Narrow, Single Wheel Front, P.T.O.

1- 1939 Farmall F-20, Wide Front, Fenders, P.T.O., S/N FA133479

1- 1939 Farmall F-20 Narrow, Single Wheel Front, Fenders, S/N FA68927N

1- 1938 Farmall F-30 Hi Crop, Sugar Cane, Wide Front, Power Lift, S/N FB20472CNB

1- 1939 Farmall F-30 Wide Front, S/N FB25553HAN

1- 1953 Farmall Super M, Power-Steering, Live Hydraulics, Live Lift, Servis Blade, S/N 4597

1- 1951 Farmall M, Tricycle, 3pt, P.T.O., S/N 166176

     Farmall B, Tricycle, Belt Pulley

     Farmall Super C, S/N 181487

TRACTORS – To Be Restored or For Parts

Farmall I-6, W-30, F-20, 450 Diesel, 400, 350, ID9, 650, Super M, M-LP, 1530, W-6, F-30, F-20 Electric

Start,B, 340, Super C, H, F14, F12 Fenders


Tractor Parts, Shields, Hoods, Wheels, Grills, Wide and Tricycle Front Ends, Manifolds, Fuel Tanks, Steel Seats,

Carburetors, Radiators and MUCH MORE.


1- 1937 IHC D350, 4 and 2 Transmission, 12ft Flat Bed Truck

1- Mini Pickup, 3 Cylinder, 4 speed

Pictures of auction items


Complete Liquidation

Riverby Farms, Paris, Texas

Tractors, Equipment, Livestock Sale, Arena and Pens, Shop Equipment,

 Pickups, Trailers, etc.

Date will be announced at a later date.



* Farmers, Ranchers and Timber Producers are required to have a current Texas Agricultural and Timber

* Registration Number (Ag/Timber Number) to claim exemptions on qualifying items determined by the Texas Comptroller’s office.

* (Qualifying and Non-Qualifying items are listed on

    ALL BUYERS claiming exemptions must present an Ag/Timber Registration Number in the Buyer’s name, at time of purchase.

* OUT OF STATE BUYERS, if purchasing in Texas, are also required to have a current Texas Agricultural and Timber Registration Number
   (Ag/Timber Number) to claim an exemptions on qualifying items.

* To apply for a Texas Agricultural and Timber Registration number go to the following website:


1. All items will be offered “as is” without warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, with all faults and defects.

2. Everything must be settled for date of auction with cash or check with bank letter. No Drafts.

3. The buyer assumes all responsibility of every item when the item is sold to him or her.

4. Bob Mitchell Auctioneers, Inc. is not responsible for any liability resulting from accidents, fire or theft.

5. If there is an item in which more than one buyer claims the last bid, the auctioneer has the right to open the bidding up between those buyers only.

6. Most items in this auction will be sold “without reserve”, however the owners have the right to bid last or no sell their items.

7. This auction is held under Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

8. Tax will be charged unless current Texas Agriculture or Timber Registration Card is presented.

9. All announcements made at the auction supersede all printed material.

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